BY Mark Savel | June 9, 2020

Short-Term Rentals Allowed to Re-open in Ontario

The Ontario government has lifted its ban on short-term rental. The government announced the opening short-term rental of cottages, condos and other sites as of June 5th, 2020. They will be permitted to resume as long as health and safety measures are put in place.

This announcement comes after the province shut down non-essential short-term rental operations due to COVID-19 back on April 4. Under Ontario’s Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, short-term rentals — defined as 28 days or less — were only allowed to be rented to people in need of emergency housing.

Bylaw Changes for AirBnB’s in Toronto

If you’re operating an AirBnB in the City Of Toronto, it’s imperative to remember that all short-term rentals must comply with the Licensing and Registration Of Short-Term Rentals  bylaw that remains in effect!

According to the City of Toronto website:

The amendments now permit short-term rentals (any rental that is less than 28 consecutive days) across the city in principal residences. Within their principal residence, people can rent up to three rooms or their entire home.

With this decision, the Licensing and Registration Of Short-Term Rentals  bylaw have also come into effect. The City is now moving forward with the implementation of the bylaw, as adopted by City Council.

Once the licence and registration system is ready, short-term rental companies will be required to obtain a licence and operators will be required to register with the City and pay the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) of four percent.

The City is planning to implement the regulations for short-term rentals in phases. New online registration, licensing and enforcement systems are being put in place. 

For more information, visit the City of Toronto’s Short Term Rental page!


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