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Split into two parts, this podcast includes lively discussions with seasoned Toronto mortgage broker, Christopher Molder, who discusses the impact of pessimism, social media, and the ‘seduction of pessimism’ on investment decisions and the Toronto property market’s perception.

The latter part of the video features expert perspectives on the Canadian real estate forecast for 2030, emphasizing the projected 3.5 million home shortfall. They delve into past and future home construction statistics and discuss possible innovative solutions like zoning changes and advanced construction techniques. Despite seeming bleak, optimism remains for real estate market growth and they forecast potential price appreciation in Toronto come 2024.

(00:00) Introduction and Episode Overview
(00:43) Welcome to the Toronto Livings Podcast
(01:21) Special Guest Introduction: Christopher Molder
(02:00) Food Talk: Favorite Eateries and Baking Adventures
(06:10) Getting to Know Chris: Personal Life and Career
(13:00) The Power of Pessimism in Market Analysis
(13:21) The Impact of Inflation and Economic Changes
(23:06) The Evolution of Social Media and Public Discourse
(31:14) The Seduction of Pessimism
(32:30) The Power of Optimism
(36:14) The Impact of Pessimism on Decision Making
(36:37) The Elephant Parable: Understanding Different Perspectives
(37:43) Toronto Real Estate: A Closer Look
(38:42) The Deferral Cliff and Its Impact
(39:40) The Elephant and the Housing Market
(42:18) The Future of Toronto Real Estate
(43:34) The Reality of Housing Affordability
(44:26) The Future of Interest Rates
(46:21) The Impact of Population Growth on Housing
(48:53) Predicting the Future of Toronto’s Housing Market
(50:33) Conclusion: The Optimistic Outlook

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