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Advice For BuyersToronto

Living in a Hotel/Condo in Toronto: Exploring the Pros and Cons of a Unique Lifestyle

Toronto, a city known for its diversity, energy, and cultural richness, offers an array of housing options. One intriguing choice gaining popularity is the hotel/condo…
Joey VirgilioJoey VirgilioApril 30, 2024 Read More
Advice For BuyersToronto

A Comprehensive Guide to Toronto’s Best Hotel/Condos Buildings

Toronto, a city known for its dynamic lifestyle and diverse real estate offerings, has seen the emergence of a unique housing trend โ€“ the hotel/condo…
Mark SavelMark SavelApril 23, 2024 Read More
Woman charging electric car
Advice For BuyersAdvice For Sellers

Is Installing an EV Charger Worth It?

In an era where sustainability and eco-friendly choices are at the forefront, electric vehicles (EVs) have become a popular choice for environmentally conscious individuals... and…
Mark SavelMark SavelApril 17, 2024 Read More
brown wooden ladder beside painting materials
Advice For Sellers

Invest Wisely: The Most Valuable Renovations to Boost Your Home’s Worth

Renovating a home is a significant investment, and homeowners often grapple with the question of which upgrades will provide the most value. While personal preferences…
Mark SavelMark SavelApril 8, 2024 Read More
Buy home shopping sale wood house with cart or shop new house promotion accommodation mortgage
Advice For Sellers

When is The Best Time to Sell Your Home in Toronto

Deciding to sell your home is a significant decision, and timing can play a crucial role in the success of your sale. In Toronto's dynamic…
Mark SavelMark SavelApril 3, 2024 Read More
a view of a very tall building in the city
Advice For Buyers

When is the Best Time to Start Looking for a New Home in Toronto

Embarking on the journey of finding a new home in Toronto is an exciting and significant step. However, timing plays a crucial role in ensuring…
Joey VirgilioJoey VirgilioFebruary 19, 2024 Read More
Modern interior of open space
Advice For Buyers

8 Things to Look for During Your Second Home Visit

Learn how to make a more informed and confident decision by exploring these important aspects during your second visit to a potential dream home.
Joey VirgilioJoey VirgilioFebruary 16, 2024 Read More
white and black wooden table with chairs
Advice For Sellers

Staging Your Home in Toronto: The Key to a Successful Sale

If you're getting ready to sell your home in Toronto, you might have heard about something called "staging." But what exactly is staging, and why…
Mark SavelMark SavelFebruary 13, 2024 Read More
My lovely pet
Advice For BuyersAdvice for LandlordsVideo Blog

Pet Rules and Regulations for Landlords and Tenants in Condos

In this blog post, I will provide you with valuable insights into the landlord and tenant relationship when it comes to having pets in condominium…
Joey VirgilioJoey VirgilioFebruary 5, 2024 Read More