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In this episode of the Toronto Livings Real Estate Podcast, hosts Mark Savel and Joey Virgilio discuss effective strategies for buyers in Toronto’s bidding wars, the importance of writing love letters to potential sellers, and the surprising news about Luigi Hamilton joining Ferrari in the F1 season.

They also delve into the rise and importance of virtual staging in the housing market. Joey provides a live taste test of his homemade bread, leading to an unexpected computer malfunction. Lastly, they discuss current hot market trends and emphasize that price isn’t the only factor that can help secure a deal in the heated bidding war situation.

(00:00) Introduction and Welcome
(01:29) Celebrating Episode 40
(01:49) Joey’s Bread-Making Journey
(03:55) Bidding Wars in Toronto’s Real Estate Market
(04:14) Food Adventures and Weekly Recap
(11:31) News You Can Use: Property Tax and World Cup
(15:38) Groundhog Day and Foreign Buyer Tax
(23:50) Bidding Wars are Back
(29:43) Strategies for Bidding Wars
(33:50) Importance of Pre-Approval and Home Inspection
(35:23) The Role of a Realtor in the Buying Process
(35:52) The Impact of Deposit on Property Purchase
(44:23) The Power of Love Letters in Property Purchase
(49:02) Closing Remarks and Personal Stories

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