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In episode 45 of the Toronto Livings Real Estate Podcast, hosts Mark Savel and Joey Virgilio navigate through daylight savings time changes, share personal stories including Joey’s music jam sessions and their food adventures, and delve into news you can use.

The episode focuses on market updates for the month of February 2024, discussing the current real estate landscape in Toronto, exploring historical price comparisons pre-COVID, during COVID, and at present. It also examines the lasting impact of interest rates on housing prices and predicts future market directions.

The co-hosts share updates on lending rates, spotlight new food discoveries, and relay their personal tales, blending expert market analysis with lighthearted banter.

(00:00) Kicking Off with Daylight Savings Time Syndrome
(00:24) Joey’s Jam Session and Food Adventures
(02:44) A Week of Sports, Secret Meetings, and Tacos
(05:55) Jamming Out and Musical Musings
(09:15) Diving into News You Can Use
(16:36) Market Update: February’s Financial Forecast
(18:33) Reflecting on Past Predictions and Market Trends
(19:36) Market Dynamics: Days on Market and Segment Performance
(20:59) Sales Insights: From Predictions to Transactions
(22:49) Analyzing Market Segments: A Deep Dive into Sales and Prices
(30:10) The Impact of Interest Rates on the Real Estate Market
(32:11) Months of Inventory: Understanding Market Conditions
(36:42) Closing Thoughts and Recommendations


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