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Amazon Primes Luxe Listings Toronto Review | Episode 55

In this episode of the Toronto Living Podcast, Joe and Mark (dubbed Forerunner Joe and Maserati Mark) dive into the world of luxury real estate with their review of Amazon Prime’s show “Luxe Listings Toronto’.

The hosts discuss key moments from the show, such as Brett Starke’s helicopter date, the Torkins’ attempt to break into the downtown market, and the controversial “sign gate” incident.

They also share their favourite local dining spots, including Sicilian Café and Daddy’s Chicken. As a bonus, they provide trivia on the most expensive real estate listings in Toronto and share their thoughts on the show’s music and production quality… “DON’T TALK TO US, WE’RE IN THE VIP”

(00:00) Welcome to Episode 55: Diving into Lux Listings Toronto
(00:47) Introducing the Toronto Livings Podcast Team
(01:20) Luxury Vibes and Lux Listings Toronto Review
(02:01) Foodie Adventures in Toronto
(12:58) Real Estate Insights and Market Trends
(18:15) Deep Dive into Lux Listings Toronto
(32:38) Helicopter Date Recap and Unsung Heroes
(33:15) Elevated Dates and Unfollowed Plotlines
(34:18) Nostalgia and First Impressions
(34:52) Dream Dates and Culinary Adventures
(37:13) Toronto’s Best and Real Estate Drama
(37:41) The Unrealistic Real Estate Showdown
(40:36) Signgate Drama and Real Estate Insights
(49:49) Luxury Listings and Real Estate Trivia
(57:37) Wrapping Up with Lux Listings Thoughts

Show Notes
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Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe –

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Luxe Listings Toronto –

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