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TorontoLivings - Toronto Real EstateThe Toronto Livings Podcast Episode 36: A New Year, A New Theme Song and A 2023 Real Estate Market Recap

In the 36th episode of the Toronto Livings Podcast, hosts Mark and Joey discuss the new theme song for the show, their New Year’s plans, and a recap of the 2023 Real Estate Market. They further discuss the market activity for December in Toronto and multiple news topics such as rising ticket penalties for speed, a subway fire due to an e-bike malfunction, and misprinted street signs in Toronto.

(00:00) Introduction and New Theme Song
(00:24) Reflecting on 2023 and New Year’s Plans
(00:51) Welcome to the Toronto Livings Podcast
(01:25) New Year’s Celebrations and Experiences
(04:21) Dietary Changes and New Year’s Resolutions
(05:16) New Year’s Eve Experiences and Future Plans
(10:01) Reflecting on Podcast Appearances and Future Changes
(12:37) News You Can Use: Traffic Updates and Mean Girls Mansion
(23:47) December Market Update
(26:16) Holiday Season and Real Estate Market Slowdown
(26:33) Drastic Drop in New Listings
(26:59) Real Estate Market Strategies and Anomalies
(27:10) New Year’s Eve Real Estate Adventures
(27:35) The Mystery of New Year’s Eve Listings
(28:40) Active Listings and Market Trends
(29:14) Average Prices and Market Misconceptions
(30:00) Days on Market and Market Slowdown
(31:07) Bank of Canada’s Decision and Market Predictions
(31:29) Market Trends and the ‘Santa Pump’
(32:12) Inventory Analysis and Market Predictions
(33:27) The Stanley Water Bottle Discussion
(35:25) Sales Analysis and Market Trends
(38:06) Price Analysis and Market Trends
(43:40) Months of Inventory and Market Trends
(48:12) Final Thoughts and Predictions for the New Year


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