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Artificial Intelligence Transforming Real Estate: Opportunities, Risks, and Future Predictions

In Episode 32 of the Toronto Livings Podcast, hosts Mark Savel and Joey Virgilio delve into the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the real estate industry.

They examine the changes AI brings such as improved property searches, valuations, marketing strategies and process automation, and potential risk of AI outsmarting humans. They also share their insight on AI's assistance in creating content, business plans, creative messaging and discuss the ethical implications.

The hosts explore the controversial issue of AI replacing human jobs and stress the need for human interaction in the AI-driven world. Ultimately, they speculate on the future of AI in real estate and other industries, while also discussing their personal updates, food discoveries, market trends, and upcoming properties.

(00:00) Introduction and Welcome
(00:31) Toronto Livings Podcast: Real Estate, Culture, and Food
(01:08) AI Joey and Human Joey: A Funny Interaction
(01:42) Episode 32: AI and Its Impact
(02:14) Personal Updates and Vacation Plans
(02:33) Music and Food: Weekly Highlights
(03:06) Exploring Toronto's Food Scene
(09:00) News You Can Use: AI and Real Estate
(10:13) The Most Viewed Property in Canada
(24:18) AI in Real Estate: Property Valuation and Pricing
(29:12) Automated Customer Service: AI and Chatbots
(33:46) Exploring the Power of AI in Cold Calling
(34:44) The Cost and Efficiency of AI in Business
(35:37) AI and the Future of Job Market
(36:46) AI in Enhancing Property Search Platforms
(40:47) AI in Smart Home Technology
(41:48) AI in Process Automation and Personalized Marketing
(50:45) The Ethical and Privacy Concerns of AI
(58:51) AI in Content Creation and Personalized Messaging
(01:08:38) The Future of AI in Real Estate

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