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In this episode of the Toronto Livings Real Estate Podcast, hosts Mark Savel and Joey Virgilio share insights on the November real estate market update.

They delve into Toronto's real estate market, the culture, and food and lifestyle topics related to life in Toronto. The hosts discuss the Bank of Canada's rate hike announcement, the current state of the city's real estate market, and recent trends in sales, purchases, and active listings.

Additionally, they touch on personal experiences with holiday festivities and highlight some key shout-outs and mentions from Spotify podcasts listeners. The episode takes a fun, conversational approach to exploring Toronto's ever-changing real estate landscape.


(00:00) Introduction and Welcome
(00:07) Discussing the November Market Update
(00:24) Holiday Party and Food Experiences
(00:38) Bank of Canada's Rate Hike Announcement
(00:41) Shout Outs and Christmas Celebrations
(00:54) Toronto Living's Podcast Introduction
(01:26) Christmas Decorations and Celebrations
(03:34) Recap of Sage's Annual Christmas Party
(05:38) Party Shout Outs and Aftermath
(13:25) Uber Eats Experience and Food Discussion
(17:53) Bank of Canada's Rate Decision
(19:24) Uber vs. City of Toronto
(23:13) Spotify Wrap Up and Listener Shout Outs
(27:34) Discussing Listener Engagement
(27:47) Appreciating Loyal Listeners
(28:10) Personal Anecdotes and Listener Connections
(28:57) Transitioning to Main Topic
(29:46) Analyzing November Market Numbers
(30:18) Reflecting on Market Trends
(30:32) High-Level Market Overview
(30:38) Sales Analysis
(31:20) Inventory Analysis
(34:14) Price Analysis
(36:26) Months of Inventory Analysis
(48:40) Christmas Wishes and Personal Stories
(54:56) Wrapping Up and Shoutouts

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