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In Episode 42 of Toronto Living’s Real Estate Podcast, hosts Mark and Joey discuss the impact of pets on real estate buying, renting, and landlord behavior helping you navigate pet rules related to Toronto Real Estate!

They delve into condo rules regarding pets, how these rules can affect home buyers and tenants, and the potential eviction scenarios based on those regulations. Amid various humorous anecdotes and personal stories, they highlight the importance of being transparent about pet ownership with real estate agents and discuss some of their dream pets, ranging from gorillas to turkeys.

The hosts also touch on various Toronto-related topics, such as the recent clarification on license plate renewals and their favorite local eats.

(00:00) Introduction and Episode Overview
(00:53) Welcome to the Toronto Livings Podcast
(01:43) Pet Stories and Experiences
(04:32) Food Recommendations and Weekly Recap
(11:39) News You Can Use: License Plate Renewals and More
(15:35) Property Tax Hike and Pet Restrictions in Condos
(23:04) Unpleasant Encounters with Pets in Rental Units
(23:23) Strict Pet Policies in Buildings
(24:16) Disputing Unfair Pet Rules and Bylaws
(25:20) The Consequences of Ignoring Pet Rules
(27:27) The Landlord and Tenant Perspective on Pets
(30:55) The Reality of Owning Pets and Respecting Others
(37:15) Dream Pets and Their Impact on Living Situations
(44:46) Conclusion: The Importance of Transparency and Respect in Pet Ownership


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