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Navigating Toronto’s Pre-Construction Real Estate with TalkCondo Founders

In episode 47 of the Toronto Livings Podcast, we feature an in-depth interview with Roy and Amit Bhandari, the entrepreneurs behind, Toronto’s leading online platform for pre-construction real estate.

Starting from their entry into real estate in 2007, the Bhandari brothers share the evolution of their platform, the challenges of organizing pre-construction information, and insights into the condo market’s trends. They also introduce TalkCondo Pro, offering updated, comprehensive project data for industry professionals and public users.

Additionally, personal stories, including their food preferences and memorable projects like MONDE and King Toronto, enrich the discussion. The podcast concludes on a friendly note, sharing tales of pubs and Guinness, and emphasizes the value of Talk Condo for realtors and the public, urging real estate professionals to leverage the platform to better serve their clients.

(00:00) Kicking Off Episode 47: A Special Interview
(00:06) Introducing TalkCondo: The MLS for Pre-Construction
(02:37) The Origins of Roy and Amit Bhandari in Real Estate
(04:27) The Journey from Resale to Pre-Construction Mastery
(15:10) Building the Foundation of
(18:39) Evolving TalkCondo: From Blog to Pre-Construction Database
(24:15) The Challenges and Solutions in Pre-Construction Data Management
(28:59) The Impact of Organized Data on Pre-Construction Real Estate
(29:33) Introducing TalkCondo: Revolutionizing Pre-Construction Real Estate
(31:10) The Evolution of Real Estate: From Pen and Paper to Digital Dominance
(31:31) TalkCondo Pro: Unleashing a Goldmine of Real Estate Data
(35:00) The Speed of Information: Transforming Real Estate Transactions
(51:43) A Glimpse into Future Projects and the Power of Access
(53:31) The Personal Side: Working with Family and Foodie Favorites

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