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Empowering Vision: The Inspiring Story of Canadian Blind Hockey

This episode of the Toronto Livings Podcast features Luca DeMontis, the program manager for Canadian Blind Hockey, who shares the inspiring journey of his brother, Mark DeMontis, and the founding of Canadian Blind Hockey.

From the origins of blind hockey in Canada to its growth into a supportive community fostering inclusion, courage, and ambition, listeners will learn about the sport’s adaptations, the meaningful impact on players and families, and future goals, including achieving Paralympic inclusion.

The discussion also touches on personal stories, the importance of community and family within the organization, and how the sport is played and enjoyed by visually impaired athletes, emphasizing that disabilities don’t limit one’s ability to achieve greatness.

(00:00) Opening Greetings and Podcast Introduction
(00:03) Highlighting Canadian Blind Hockey with Luca De Montes
(03:23) Deep Dive into Luca’s Personal Journey and Blind Hockey Evolution
(12:20) Adapting Hockey for the Visually Impaired: Innovations and Rules
(23:32) Expanding Blind Hockey: Community Building and Program Development
(28:48) Empowering Visually Impaired Kids Through Ice Sports
(29:17) Expanding Youth Blind Hockey Programs Across Canada
(29:33) Building a Supportive Community and Volunteer Network
(29:52) Aiming for Inclusion in the Winter Paralympic Games
(30:36) International Expansion and Collaboration Efforts
(32:23) The Impact of Blind Hockey on Participants and Families
(35:08) Future Goals and the Importance of Partnerships
(42:53) Seasonal Activities and the Year-Round Hockey Calendar
(48:09) Personal Insights: Favorite Eats and Community Connections


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