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In episode 52 of the Toronto Livings podcast, hosts Mark Savel and Joey Virgilio delve into the critical real estate question of whether to buy a new home first or sell your current one first.

They provide listeners with detailed considerations, including financial implications, market conditions, and personal scenarios, to help navigate this complex decision-making process.

The episode also shares personal insights into Toronto’s real estate market, food highlights, including discussions about Belly Busters and The Flying Squirrel coffee shop on Queen East. As well as some good old-fashioned Facebook fraud to watch out for!

(00:00) Welcome to Episode 52: The Real Estate Dilemma
(01:33) Diving Into Real Estate: To Buy or Sell First?
(02:03) Exploring Toronto: From Home Shows to Sub Shops
(07:10) Coffee Adventures and Closing Chapters
(11:59) Navigating Toronto’s Real Estate and Community Updates
(18:14) The Cutie on Caledonia: A Real Estate Success Story
(20:54) Navigating Rental Scams: A Cautionary Tale
(21:32) Spotting the Red Flags in Rental Listings
(21:55) The Dangers of Off-Market Property Deals
(24:04) Real Estate Insights: New Listings and Market Trends
(27:00) The Meat and Potatoes: Buy First or Sell First in Real Estate
(32:32) Strategies for a Successful Real Estate Transaction
(44:25) Supporting Community Causes: Second Harvest Truck Pull


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