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Exploring Garden Suites with Lorena Magallanes

In this episode of the Toronto Livings Podcast, hosts Mark Savel and Joey Virgilio invite Lorena Magallanes, a real estate expert and part-owner of Stomp Realty, to discuss the concept of garden suites.

Lorena shares her insights on the process of building a garden suite, detailing her own experience from inception to overcoming various challenges with the City of Toronto’s building codes and permits. She emphasizes the importance of having a knowledgeable architect and contractor familiar with garden suites. The conversation also touches on the potential of garden suites for rental income or family housing, the differences between garden suites and laneway houses, and the legal and logistical steps involved in their construction.

Additionally, Lorena addresses the impact of building garden suites on neighborhood dynamics and offers practical advice for those considering this housing option. The podcast is a comprehensive guide on garden suites in Toronto, including related real estate trends, cultural insights, and personal anecdotes.

(00:00) Kicking Off with a Special Guest: Lorena Magallanes
(02:18) The Evolution of a Realtor: Lorena’s Journey
(03:40) Diving Deep into Garden Suites with Lorena
(15:18) The Challenges and Triumphs of Building a Garden Suite
(24:10) Lorena’s Victory: A Lesson in Persistence and Building Codes
(28:37) Exploring Garden Suites: A New Housing Concept
(28:57) Navigating Building Codes and Permit Challenges
(31:12) Affordable Housing Solutions: Prefab Garden Suites
(34:05) Financing Garden Suites: The Mortgage Dilemma
(35:58) The Value of Garden Suites in Real Estate
(36:28) Personal Stories and the Future of Garden Suites
(42:27) Community and Lifestyle in Etobicoke
(45:10) Foodie Favorites and Gluten-Free Options in Etobicoke
(49:55) Real Estate Ventures and Closing Thoughts

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