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In our 50th episode of the TorontoLivings Podcast, we celebrate this significant milestone by looking back on our journey and share some ambitious goals for the future.

We’ve got a ton of special shout-outs for our supporters, friends, businesses in Toronto, and previous podcast guests, with a big thank you to everyone who’s supported us thus far!

Throughout the episode, we reminisce about personal and business milestones, as well as favorite food spots in Toronto. With a mix of gratitude and humor, we share memories of meaningful gifts exchanged and dream big about future guest appearances, including celebrities like Mick Foley and Arnold Schwarzenegger… oh AND LOTS OF CONFETTI!

(00:00) Celebrating Episode 50: A Milestone Moment
(00:46) Introducing the Hosts and Their Real Estate Focus
(01:17 Reflecting on the Journey to Episode 50
(02:08 The Shout Out Episode: Celebrating Supporters and Toronto Highlights
(03:54) Diving into Real Estate Insights and Community Initiatives
(06:24) Addressing Misleading Headlines for First-Time Homebuyers
(08:00) Exploring Financial Aids for Homebuyers: A Positive Change
(09:16) The Ice Bath Bet and Bank of Canada’s Decision
(10:37) Shifting Gears: From Serious Talks to Shout Outs and Fun
(12:42) Highlighting Influential Figures and Unique Ventures
(17:48) Spotlight on Local Businesses and Personal Favorites
(25:27 Shout Outs Continue: From Food Spots to Inspiring Initiatives
(30:28) Wrapping Up with Favorite Coffee Spots and Nespresso Debate
(33:47) Shoutouts to Partners and Secret Listeners
(33:58) The Unseen Heroes: Our Wives’ Support
(34:28) The Power of Attention to Detail
(35:26) Celebrating Family and Extended Family Support
(37:22) Reflecting on Favorite Podcast Moments
(40:16) A Nod to International Listeners and the Global Reach
(01:00:23) Shoutouts to Memorable Guests and Future Dreams
(01:03:34) Wrapping Up with Gratitude and Future Aspirations


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