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TorontoLivings - Toronto Real EstateA behind-the-scenes look at living with a Toronto Realtor. Get a glimpse into the dynamic relationship of Mark Savel and his partner, Adriana S. Our hosts delve into candid discussions about the blend of their professional and personal lives, with insightful and amusing anecdotes, tips about financial management, interesting details about their social media strategy, and a peek into the living culture of Toronto. The podcast promises a hearty blend of life, love, and property, drawing from the unique experiences of the couple, balancing their thriving careers in real estate while ensuring a fulfilling personal life.


(00:01) Introduction and Episode Overview
(00:42) Meet the Hosts: Mark and Joey
(01:23) Special Guest Introduction: Adriana S.
(01:57) Adriana’s Experience with the Podcast
(02:33) Adriana’s Week and Food Experiences
(02:51) Mark and Joey’s Week and Food Experiences
(11:44) Discussion on Mortgage Rates
(14:17) Debate on Renaming Dundas Square
(23:08) Transition Time
(24:26) The Beginning of Their Love Story
(25:43) The First Date and Early Relationship
(27:17) The Proposal and Wedding Plans
(27:35) The Depth of Their Connection
(31:58) The Challenges and Benefits of Being a Realtor’s Partner
(40:58) The Importance of Communication and Shared Calendars
(46:55) The House Hunting Experience
(48:40) The Decision to Buy a Loft
(01:00:33) Reflecting on Past Decisions
(01:00:42) The One That Got Away: A Missed Real Estate Opportunity
(01:03:02) Balancing Risk and Reward in Real Estate
(01:07:06) The Importance of Financial Planning and Budgeting
(01:17:16) The Role of Social Media in Business
(01:23:24) The Story Behind the Nicknames
(01:29:45) Looking Forward: Plans for the Podcast

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