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In this episode of the Toronto Livings Podcast, hosts Mark and Joey visit Lisbon Hotel, a new spot from co-owners Adam Hijazi and David Wex, located at River City in downtown Toronto!

They discuss the unique experience Lisbon hotel offers – from its inspired décor to its culinary delights. Although it’s not Portuguese nor a hotel, Lisbon Hotel offers a European hotel lobby bar vibe with small plates, great drinks, and a soon-to-be-launched breakfast menu.

Adam also explains the careful thought process behind curating each element of the space as well as samples for Mark and Joey to try!

Lisbon Hotel
19 Lawren Harris Square, Toronto, ON M5A 1H7

(00:00) Introduction and Episode Preview
(01:16) Meet Adam Hijazi
(01:35) Discussing the Lisbon Hotel’s Concept
(02:48) The Lisbon Hotel’s Reception and Community Impact
(03:19) The Story Behind the Lisbon Hotel
(04:34) The Lisbon Hotel’s Unique Approach
(06:18) Adams Journey in the Restaurant Scene
(08:06) The Lisbon Hotel’s Food and Drink Recommendations
(09:53) The Lisbon Hotel’s Future Plans
(17:18) The Lisbon Hotel’s Approach to Food
(25:57) Adams Favorite Restaurants in Toronto
(29:28) Exploring the Aesthetic of Ossington
(29:57) The Concept of Micro Communities in Toronto
(30:35) The Evolution of Neighborhood Restaurants
(31:16) The Impact of Location on Dining Experience
(32:13) The Rise of Coffee Shops in Toronto
(33:07) The Art of Coffee Making
(34:05) Exploring Unique Dishes and Flavors
(36:40) The Intersection of Real Estate and Hospitality
(37:35) The Experience of Dining at Lisbon Hotel
(38:06) The Importance of Creativity in the Food Industry
(39:54) The Role of Decor in Creating a Dining Atmosphere
(54:43) Wrapping Up the Dining Experience