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High-End Homes and Helicopter Rides: A Review of Amazon’s ‘Luxe Listings Toronto’ | Episode 55


Amazon Primes Luxe Listings Toronto Review | Episode 55

In this episode of the Toronto Living Podcast, Joe and Mark (dubbed Forerunner Joe and Maserati Mark) dive into the world of luxury real estate with their review of Amazon Prime’s show “Luxe Listings Toronto’.

The hosts discuss key moments from the show, such as Brett Starke’s helicopter date, the Torkins’ attempt to break into the downtown market, and the controversial “sign gate” incident.

They also share their favourite local dining spots, including Sicilian CafΓ© and Daddy’s Chicken. As a bonus, they provide trivia on the most expensive real estate listings in Toronto and share their thoughts on the show’s music and production quality… “DON’T TALK TO US, WE’RE IN THE VIP”

(00:00) Welcome to Episode 55: Diving into Lux Listings Toronto
(00:47) Introducing the Toronto Livings Podcast Team
(01:20) Luxury Vibes and Lux Listings Toronto Review
(02:01) Foodie Adventures in Toronto
(12:58) Real Estate Insights and Market Trends
(18:15) Deep Dive into Lux Listings Toronto
(32:38) Helicopter Date Recap and Unsung Heroes
(33:15) Elevated Dates and Unfollowed Plotlines
(34:18) Nostalgia and First Impressions
(34:52) Dream Dates and Culinary Adventures
(37:13) Toronto’s Best and Real Estate Drama
(37:41) The Unrealistic Real Estate Showdown
(40:36) Signgate Drama and Real Estate Insights
(49:49) Luxury Listings and Real Estate Trivia
(57:37) Wrapping Up with Lux Listings Thoughts

Show Notes
AΓ±ejo Restaurant –

Tiki Bar –

Daddy’s Chicken –

Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe –

Pastiche –

Luxe Listings Toronto –

Team Torken –

The Starke Group –

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Seeing the Game Differently: The Evolution of Blind Hockey with Luca DeMontis | Episode 54


Empowering Vision: The Inspiring Story of Canadian Blind Hockey

This episode of the Toronto Livings Podcast features Luca DeMontis, the program manager for Canadian Blind Hockey, who shares the inspiring journey of his brother, Mark DeMontis, and the founding of Canadian Blind Hockey.

From the origins of blind hockey in Canada to its growth into a supportive community fostering inclusion, courage, and ambition, listeners will learn about the sport’s adaptations, the meaningful impact on players and families, and future goals, including achieving Paralympic inclusion.

The discussion also touches on personal stories, the importance of community and family within the organization, and how the sport is played and enjoyed by visually impaired athletes, emphasizing that disabilities don’t limit one’s ability to achieve greatness.

(00:00) Opening Greetings and Podcast Introduction
(00:03) Highlighting Canadian Blind Hockey with Luca De Montes
(03:23) Deep Dive into Luca’s Personal Journey and Blind Hockey Evolution
(12:20) Adapting Hockey for the Visually Impaired: Innovations and Rules
(23:32) Expanding Blind Hockey: Community Building and Program Development
(28:48) Empowering Visually Impaired Kids Through Ice Sports
(29:17) Expanding Youth Blind Hockey Programs Across Canada
(29:33) Building a Supportive Community and Volunteer Network
(29:52) Aiming for Inclusion in the Winter Paralympic Games
(30:36) International Expansion and Collaboration Efforts
(32:23) The Impact of Blind Hockey on Participants and Families
(35:08) Future Goals and the Importance of Partnerships
(42:53) Seasonal Activities and the Year-Round Hockey Calendar
(48:09) Personal Insights: Favorite Eats and Community Connections


Canadian Blind Hockey:
Canadian Blind Hockey on Instagram:
Luca DeMontis on Instagram:
Canadian Blind Hockey on YouTube: Blind Hockey on Facebook: Blind Hockey on Twitter:

Wellness Meets Real Estate: Toronto Livings’ Ice Bath Adventure at Othership Yorkville | Episode 53


Exploring the Transformative Power of Cold Plunges in Toronto at Othership Ice Bath

In this episode of the Toronto Livings Podcast, hosts Mark Savel and Joey Virgilio dive into the benefits of cold plunges and sauna experiences at Othership, a wellness center in Toronto. They are joined by Sherryne (Sher) and Dan, who share insights on Othership’s mission to support stress management, emotional regulation, and community building.

The podcast covers the health benefits of cold plunges, such as reduced inflammation, improved immune response, and enhanced mood. The discussion also touches on personal journeys into cold immersion, the science behind the practice, and how Othership fosters a unique environment for mental and physical wellness.

The conversation culminates in a live cold plunge experience, guiding listeners through the process and highlighting the rejuvenating effects. Additionally, the episode addresses the importance of disconnecting from technology and fostering genuine connections, positioning Othership as not just a wellness space but a crucial counterbalance to Toronto’s hustle culture.

(00:00) Intro
(00:30) Diving into the Cold: The Othership Experience
(01:29) The Health Benefits of Ice Baths and Combatting Stress
(04:32) Personal Journeys into the World of Cold Plunges
(09:33) The Social Aspect: Building Community and Connections
(19:24) Breathwork: A Key Component of the Othership Experience
(24:50) Empowerment and Comfort: The Core of Our Approach
(25:29) Real Estate and Disconnection: A Personal Insight
(26:27) Exploring Membership Options and Class Variety
(26:59) The Transformative Power of Ice Baths
(28:21) Choosing the Right Class: Guidance for Newcomers
(30:39) The Unique Experience of Senses Class
(31:31) Sauna Hats: A Surprising Benefit
(32:45) Post-Plunge Hunger: A Natural Reaction
(34:25) Late-Night Food Recommendations in Toronto
(35:37) The Ice Bath Experience: A Step-by-Step Guide
(41:33) Reflecting on the Experience and Closing Thoughts

Othership Ice Bath-

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Strategizing Your Real Estate Moves in Toronto: Do You Buy or Sell First? | Episode 52


In episode 52 of the Toronto Livings podcast, hosts Mark Savel and Joey Virgilio delve into the critical real estate question of whether to buy a new home first or sell your current one first.

They provide listeners with detailed considerations, including financial implications, market conditions, and personal scenarios, to help navigate this complex decision-making process.

The episode also shares personal insights into Toronto’s real estate market, food highlights, including discussions about Belly Busters and The Flying Squirrel coffee shop on Queen East. As well as some good old-fashioned Facebook fraud to watch out for!

(00:00) Welcome to Episode 52: The Real Estate Dilemma
(01:33) Diving Into Real Estate: To Buy or Sell First?
(02:03) Exploring Toronto: From Home Shows to Sub Shops
(07:10) Coffee Adventures and Closing Chapters
(11:59) Navigating Toronto’s Real Estate and Community Updates
(18:14) The Cutie on Caledonia: A Real Estate Success Story
(20:54) Navigating Rental Scams: A Cautionary Tale
(21:32) Spotting the Red Flags in Rental Listings
(21:55) The Dangers of Off-Market Property Deals
(24:04) Real Estate Insights: New Listings and Market Trends
(27:00) The Meat and Potatoes: Buy First or Sell First in Real Estate
(32:32) Strategies for a Successful Real Estate Transaction
(44:25) Supporting Community Causes: Second Harvest Truck Pull


Belly Busters –
Pascale Gourmet –
Flying Squirrel –
Lux Livings Design Show –

New Rules for Capital Gains In Canada – PEOPLE ARE MAD | Episode 51


In episode 51 of the Toronto Livings Podcast, hosts Mark Savel and Joey Virgilio delve into the heated topic of Canada’s new federal budget, specifically focusing on the controversial changes to capital gains tax and the introduction of a vacant home tax in Toronto.

They discuss the public’s frustration over these changes and their potential impact on homeowners, investors, and the real estate market. Additionally, the episode covers updates to the Home Buyers’ Plan, allowing higher withdrawals from RRSPs for first-time homebuyers.

The hosts share personal experiences and opinions on how these changes could affect the rental stock and motivate property owners. The episode also includes lighter segments such as food recommendations in Toronto and reflections on reaching their 51st episode, plus a missed opportunity to discuss aliens in connection with Area 51.

(00:00) Celebrating Episode 51: A New Milestone
(00:35) Foodie Adventures: From Pastiche to Otto’s Berlin Donar
(00:44) Diving into Toronto’s Real Estate and Culture
(08:34) Reflecting on Episode 50 and Addressing Mistakes
(16:41) The Vacant Home Tax Drama: Toronto’s Real Estate Woes
(19:26) Debating the Vacancy Tax and Government Inefficiency
(19:53) The Flaws in Public Awareness and Program Implementation
(23:15) Shifting Focus: The Federal Budget and Its Impact
(23:57) Exploring the RRSP Homebuyers Plan Changes
(28:12) Amortization Adjustments and Their Real Impact
(29:27) Capital Gains Tax: A Controversial Proposal
(32:27) The Potential Consequences of Capital Gains Tax Changes
(38:25 Voices from the Community: Reactions to the Proposed Tax Changes
(43:49) Concluding Thoughts and Shoutouts

Show Notes

Ottos Berlin Donar
256 August Ave.

59 Ossington Ave

The Real Agent Podcast

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The Toronto Livings Podcast Hits 50 Episodes: Shout-Outs, Stories, and Surprises | Episode 50



In our 50th episode of the TorontoLivings Podcast, we celebrate this significant milestone by looking back on our journey and share some ambitious goals for the future.

We’ve got a ton of special shout-outs for our supporters, friends, businesses in Toronto, and previous podcast guests, with a big thank you to everyone who’s supported us thus far!

Throughout the episode, we reminisce about personal and business milestones, as well as favorite food spots in Toronto. With a mix of gratitude and humor, we share memories of meaningful gifts exchanged and dream big about future guest appearances, including celebrities like Mick Foley and Arnold Schwarzenegger… oh AND LOTS OF CONFETTI!

(00:00) Celebrating Episode 50: A Milestone Moment
(00:46) Introducing the Hosts and Their Real Estate Focus
(01:17 Reflecting on the Journey to Episode 50
(02:08 The Shout Out Episode: Celebrating Supporters and Toronto Highlights
(03:54) Diving into Real Estate Insights and Community Initiatives
(06:24) Addressing Misleading Headlines for First-Time Homebuyers
(08:00) Exploring Financial Aids for Homebuyers: A Positive Change
(09:16) The Ice Bath Bet and Bank of Canada’s Decision
(10:37) Shifting Gears: From Serious Talks to Shout Outs and Fun
(12:42) Highlighting Influential Figures and Unique Ventures
(17:48) Spotlight on Local Businesses and Personal Favorites
(25:27 Shout Outs Continue: From Food Spots to Inspiring Initiatives
(30:28) Wrapping Up with Favorite Coffee Spots and Nespresso Debate
(33:47) Shoutouts to Partners and Secret Listeners
(33:58) The Unseen Heroes: Our Wives’ Support
(34:28) The Power of Attention to Detail
(35:26) Celebrating Family and Extended Family Support
(37:22) Reflecting on Favorite Podcast Moments
(40:16) A Nod to International Listeners and the Global Reach
(01:00:23) Shoutouts to Memorable Guests and Future Dreams
(01:03:34) Wrapping Up with Gratitude and Future Aspirations


Traditional Slavic sauna & Tea room


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March Market Trends, Taxes, and Delicious Discoveries | Episode 49


In Episode 49 of the Toronto Livings Real Estate Podcast, hosts Mark Savel and Joey Virgilio dive into a comprehensive March market update, discussing key trends and statistics.

The episode also addresses the vacant home tax situation, highlighting the confusion and controversies surrounding it. Additionally, they touch upon the proposed renter’s bill of rights by Justin Trudeau, discussing its potential impact.

The show includes personal anecdotes from the hosts, such as their dining experiences in Toronto and a trip to Buffalo. The discussion extends to upcoming listings in the Toronto real estate market and concludes with insights into the interest rate climate and its effects on buying trends.

(00:00) Kicking Off Episode 49 with Mark and Joey
(00:16) March Market Update: The Unfolding and the Unhappened
(00:44) Welcome to Toronto Living’s Podcast: Real Estate, Culture, and Food
(02:05) Back to Basics: Market Updates and Personal Eats
(02:39) Exploring Toronto’s Hidden Gem: A Sandwich Saga
(06:01) Buffalo Adventures: Wings, Target, and Trader Joe’s
(10:26) Vacant Home Tax Fiasco: Toronto’s Real Estate Dilemma
(14:55) Introducing the Renter’s Bill of Rights: A Federal Proposal
(18:09) Navigating the Bear Trust Confusion: A Federal Fumble
(20:47) Land Pro Conference Insights: When Bad News is Good News
(21:47) Decoding Canada’s CPI and Mortgage Payments
(22:31) Bank of Canada’s Upcoming Decision: Bets and Predictions
(23:29) Exciting Real Estate Listings on the Horizon
(24:44) The Solar Eclipse Buzz: To See or Not to See?
(27:39) Diving Deep into the Real Estate Market Trends
(37:28) Months of Inventory: A Detailed Analysis
(41:44) Wrapping Up: Key Takeaways and Shoutouts


La Salumeria – 2021 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 2A2

Bar-Bill North (in Buffalo, USA) – 8326 Main St, Clarence, NY 14221, United States.

Fata Real Estate Group – 2010 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 1Z9

From Athletic Camps to Real Estate Deals: A Conversation on Empowerment and Education | Episode 48


In Episode 48 of the Toronto Livings Podcast, we have an incredible chat with guest Alexander Arthur, who discusses the transformation of TAC Sports into a holistic educational platform that nurtures young minds with a blend of sports, financial education, and real estate knowledge.

The conversation sheds light on the importance of financial literacy, and the role of community and mentorship in shaping well-rounded individuals. Highlighting personal success stories and advocating for an educational approach that breaks traditional barriers, the podcast envisions a future where empowered youth are equipped with the skills and insights to pursue a life of purpose and contribution.

Shout Outs

Alex Arthur 

TAC Academy 

TAC Sports 

Lifetime Skills Academy 

Pioneering the MLS for Pre-construction in Toronto – Interview ft. TalkCondo Founders | Episode 47


Navigating Toronto’s Pre-Construction Real Estate with TalkCondo Founders

In episode 47 of the Toronto Livings Podcast, we feature an in-depth interview with Roy and Amit Bhandari, the entrepreneurs behind, Toronto’s leading online platform for pre-construction real estate.

Starting from their entry into real estate in 2007, the Bhandari brothers share the evolution of their platform, the challenges of organizing pre-construction information, and insights into the condo market’s trends. They also introduce TalkCondo Pro, offering updated, comprehensive project data for industry professionals and public users.

Additionally, personal stories, including their food preferences and memorable projects like MONDE and King Toronto, enrich the discussion. The podcast concludes on a friendly note, sharing tales of pubs and Guinness, and emphasizes the value of Talk Condo for realtors and the public, urging real estate professionals to leverage the platform to better serve their clients.

(00:00) Kicking Off Episode 47: A Special Interview
(00:06) Introducing TalkCondo: The MLS for Pre-Construction
(02:37) The Origins of Roy and Amit Bhandari in Real Estate
(04:27) The Journey from Resale to Pre-Construction Mastery
(15:10) Building the Foundation of
(18:39) Evolving TalkCondo: From Blog to Pre-Construction Database
(24:15) The Challenges and Solutions in Pre-Construction Data Management
(28:59) The Impact of Organized Data on Pre-Construction Real Estate
(29:33) Introducing TalkCondo: Revolutionizing Pre-Construction Real Estate
(31:10) The Evolution of Real Estate: From Pen and Paper to Digital Dominance
(31:31) TalkCondo Pro: Unleashing a Goldmine of Real Estate Data
(35:00) The Speed of Information: Transforming Real Estate Transactions
(51:43) A Glimpse into Future Projects and the Power of Access
(53:31) The Personal Side: Working with Family and Foodie Favorites

Show notes

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The Future of Urban Living: Exploring Garden Suites with Lorena Magallanes | Episode 46


Exploring Garden Suites with Lorena Magallanes

In this episode of the Toronto Livings Podcast, hosts Mark Savel and Joey Virgilio invite Lorena Magallanes, a real estate expert and part-owner of Stomp Realty, to discuss the concept of garden suites.

Lorena shares her insights on the process of building a garden suite, detailing her own experience from inception to overcoming various challenges with the City of Toronto’s building codes and permits. She emphasizes the importance of having a knowledgeable architect and contractor familiar with garden suites. The conversation also touches on the potential of garden suites for rental income or family housing, the differences between garden suites and laneway houses, and the legal and logistical steps involved in their construction.

Additionally, Lorena addresses the impact of building garden suites on neighborhood dynamics and offers practical advice for those considering this housing option. The podcast is a comprehensive guide on garden suites in Toronto, including related real estate trends, cultural insights, and personal anecdotes.

(00:00) Kicking Off with a Special Guest: Lorena Magallanes
(02:18) The Evolution of a Realtor: Lorena’s Journey
(03:40) Diving Deep into Garden Suites with Lorena
(15:18) The Challenges and Triumphs of Building a Garden Suite
(24:10) Lorena’s Victory: A Lesson in Persistence and Building Codes
(28:37) Exploring Garden Suites: A New Housing Concept
(28:57) Navigating Building Codes and Permit Challenges
(31:12) Affordable Housing Solutions: Prefab Garden Suites
(34:05) Financing Garden Suites: The Mortgage Dilemma
(35:58) The Value of Garden Suites in Real Estate
(36:28) Personal Stories and the Future of Garden Suites
(42:27) Community and Lifestyle in Etobicoke
(45:10) Foodie Favorites and Gluten-Free Options in Etobicoke
(49:55) Real Estate Ventures and Closing Thoughts

Show Notes

Lorena Magallanes –

Lorenas Builder, Atella –

Laneway Housing Advisors –

City of Toronto and Garden Suites –