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What Are They Building at Glencairn and Marlee? 831 Glencairn Ave

By New Condo Developments

Marlee Avenue is gearing up for another condo development! An application was submitted with plans for an 11 storey development at the South West corner of Marlee and Glencairn (831 Glencairn).  The application was submitted by Masseto Homes Inc and Chestnut Hill Developments (who also built The Address Of Highpark and Life Condos).  Plans are calling for an 11 storey midrise, with 224 units proposed!

Who Is Building The Condo at Glencairn and Marlee?

The project is being developed by Chestnut Hill Developments and Masseto Homes Inc.  The building is being designed by  Kirkor Architect + Planners and the application was submitted by Weston Consulting.

What Will the Condos at 831 Glencairn Look Like?

Early renderings depict an 11 storey mid-rise building, with commercial units on the main floor and residential units above.  The commercial component of the building will face Marlee, with the residents accessing the entrance from Hillmount and Glencairn Ave.

The building will have a “set-back” design and with an angular plane from the neighbouring properties to the west. Each residential floor would contain between 8 – 33 units (with fewer units on higher floors).  Renderings also show floor to ceiling windows, with balconies or terraces for most units! You can view more renderings below:

What is Currently on Site?

The future condo is being proposed on the commercial lands known as 831, 833, and 837 Glencairn Avenue and the residential addresses located at 278, 280 and 282 Hillmount Avenue.

What Type of Layouts Will 831 Glencairn Ave Have?

Plans are calling for a total of 224 units, with the following unit breakdown:

167 One Bedroom units
35 Two Bedroom units
12 Three Bedroom units

The proposal also states: the site would be served by 190 parking spaces, with 168 dedicated to long-term residential use and the remaining 22 for visitors. 185 of these spaces are to be housed in a two-level underground garage, with the remaining five to be located at grade. Bicycle parking would also be provided, with 179 spaces in the underground levels and 51 at grade.

What Amenities Will the Building Have?

Details are still sparse in terms of the exact amenities the building will have, but according to the proposal, they will be located on the 11th floor.

When Will 831 Glencairn Ave Be Built?

The development proposal was submitted on June 27th 2018.  The project is still in its very early stages but is one we’ll be following closely… Check back often for updates!

Our Thoughts on the Project

This is the second midrise development proposal on Marlee, with the first, located on the opposite corner at 529-543 Marlee Ave.  The proximity to Glencairn Subway Station makes this development very transit friendly.  The area is ripe for development, but with many of the homes starting at $1.5 million and up, affordability is a big hurdle for most.  A project like this is great for first time home buyers looking to live in the area.  We also like the mix of 3 bedroom units, perfect for the older generation of residents looking to downsize!

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    What Are they Building at 529-543 Marlee Ave? 819 Glencairn Ave.

    By New Condo Developments
    More changes are coming to Marlee Ave! An application has been submitted by KFA Architects and Planners on behalf of 809726 Ontario Ltd to build a 9 storey, residential condo on the corner of Marlee and Glencairn.

    Where Will the Condo be Built?

    The lot is located on the North East corner of Marlee and Glencairn. The application was submitted to re-develop the addresses known as 529, 537, 539, 541 and 543 Marlee Avenue as well as 811 and 813 Glencairn Ave. For application purposes, the building is referred to 819 Glencarin Ave – but that name may change as the approval process progresses.

    What is Currently on Site?

    The lot is occupied by a three strorey mixed use building with commercial uses at grade and walk-up apartments above. 
    Sidenote: we know this corner very well, as we’ve had many dinners at Li Cheng’s!

    How Many Units Will be Built?

    The current application calls for 84 residential units with retail at grade. The retail space can be divided into a variety of options, from 1 large unit to 6 smaller ones.

    What Type of Layouts Will 819 Glencarin Ave Have?

    The current proposal is calling for:
    28 one bedroom units
    24 one bedroom and den units
    28 two bedroom units
    2 two bedroom and den units
    2 three bedroom units

    What Will The Project Look Like?

    What Amenities Will the Building Have?

    Plans are calling for a gym and party room along with a shared outdoor balcony.

    Will the Condo have Parking?

    Three levels of underground parking will be included in the design, along with 79 parking space with two spaces for commercial use and eight for visitors. They will also have bicycle parking off of the main level.

    When Will 819 Glencairn Ave Be Built?

    Plans were submitted to the city in September 2017 and the first community consultation meeting was in January 2018.  There was a lot of community push back and a many changes suggested to the overall project.  As more info is known, we’ll update the blog!

    Our Thoughts on the Project

    Marlee Ave is ripe for development – it has the vibe, feel and potential to become “The Ossington” of midtown! This application is the second of the year for the strip (first being a series of stacked townhomes at Wenderly Ave), and atleast to us, a welcomed addition to the area.  

    In January 2018, we attended the community consultation and unfortunately many in the room didn’t share the same enthusiasm for the project as we did!  There was a small handful of the usuals who flat out wanted no changes whatsoever.  BUT there was also a larger group that were open to redevelopment, so long the height was brought down.  

    Personally, we think 9 storeys is perfect for the area! A short walk south on Marlee is where you’ll find several condos, built in the 70’s, with heights of over 20 storeys tall. We also like the use of red brick for the exterior, helps set it apart from yet another boring glass building.  

    From the sounds of it, it looks like the architects will be going back to the drawing board to makes changes to the proposal. Be sure to check back as we’ll be providing updates as more is known!