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1001 Roselawn

Loft Purchase

By Testimonials


Mark inspires a level of trust and confidence during one of life’s most challenging and risky moments, namely the purchase of a new home. Add to that risk the complexity of buying in Toronto’s market and the situation can lead to a roller coaster ride. Mark’s knowledge of Toronto’s market, his professionalism, calm and strong interpersonal skills are just what I needed in getting back into the market after 15 years. He understood my needs so well that I bought the first home he showed me after he steered me away from a lovely home with what proved a sketchy renovation that I had first seen on my own. My new home is utterly gorgeous and suits my lifestyle and creativity to a tee. It is a total pleasure working with a professional like Mark Savel and I will work with him again if I buy a third property.

– Cass