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Sold: 1048 Broadview #2108

By Sold Properties


1048 BROADVIEW #2108



Price: $799,900

Bedrooms: 1+1

bathrooms: 2

Take in
The Best Views

What was originally a tight, two-bedroom layout, has been transformed into a sprawling space with stunning views. The recently renovated suite features a long list of improvements which include a combination of luxury vinyl and porcelain flooring throughout, refinished kitchen cabinetry, quartz countertops, a custom banquet with added storage, shelving and a tiled feature wall.

The den area doubles as the perfect “work from home” office space and can also be adapted as a nursery or guest room depending on one’s need. A custom cut, “live edge” desk has been installed in the space and blends perfectly with the accented wallpaper.

The main bedroom is large enough to comfortably fit a queen-sized bed, with plenty of space for side tables. The closets are well equipped with built-in organizers and offer ample storage. A four-piece ensuite bathroom completes the space and was recently upgraded to feature a glass enclosure for the shower, tiling throughout and a newly installed vanity.

For the entertainers out there – you’ve got to check out the incredible, open concept living and dining room. There’s over 360 sq.ft of space in between the rooms, connected by floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the unit with natural light. Views of the sun setting over the Don Valley and Brickworks make for the perfect backdrop after a long day… or step out onto your private 100+ sq.ft. balcony and take in the panoramic views!

The condo measures in at over 1000 sq.ft (1029 to be exact), and also includes one locker and one parking spot. Residents have access to a gym, party room and bbq area. There is a front desk concierge for accepting deliveries and greeting guests. Explore the various nature paths nearby, or venture down to the Danforth for a variety of dining options!

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1048 Broadview Ave 503 Toronto-large-002-9-Building Entryway-1500x1000-72dpi


1048 Broadview Ave 503 Toronto-large-003-5-Building Lobby-1500x1000-72dpi


1048 Broadview Ave 503 Toronto-large-023-26-Building Exercise Room-1500x1000-72dpi


1048 Broadview Ave 503 Toronto-large-024-19-Building Exercise Room-1500x1000-72dpi


1048 Broadview Ave 503 Toronto-large-025-21-Building Exercise Room-1500x1000-72dpi


1048 Broadview Ave 503 Toronto-large-026-23-Building Common Area-1500x1000-72dpi






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Loft Purchase

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Mark inspires a level of trust and confidence during one of life’s most challenging and risky moments, namely the purchase of a new home. Add to that risk the complexity of buying in Toronto’s market and the situation can lead to a roller coaster ride. Mark’s knowledge of Toronto’s market, his professionalism, calm and strong interpersonal skills are just what I needed in getting back into the market after 15 years. He understood my needs so well that I bought the first home he showed me after he steered me away from a lovely home with what proved a sketchy renovation that I had first seen on my own. My new home is utterly gorgeous and suits my lifestyle and creativity to a tee. It is a total pleasure working with a professional like Mark Savel and I will work with him again if I buy a third property.

– Cass

What is a Status Certificate and WHY are they important to review before buying a condo?

By Advice For Buyers, Video Blog

One of the most important parts of the condo buying process, is reviewing the corporations Status Certificate! 

What is A Status Certificate?

A status certificate is a collection of documents, issued by a condominiums property manager that contains info on:

  • Contact information – lists out the legal name of the Condo Corporation, Property Management, and Board of Directors.
  • Maintenance fee amount (Expenses) – both at time of issue and if there are any plans to increase in the near future.
  • Budget – what the building is spending its monthly maintenance fees on.
  • Reserve Fund – how much they have saved for the repair and replacement of components in a condo (ie. savings for roof repairs, parking garages, upgrades, etc)
  • Legal Proceedings/Claims – if any lawsuits are levied against the corporation, or if the corp has levied any against others.
  • Leasing of Units – how many units are currently tenanted in the building
  • Notices – announcements of maintenance fee increases, any planned repairs, or other factors that may impact maintenance fees
  • Bylaws and Rules – The bylaws and rules list what you can or can’t do in a building…Some buildings in the city have outright bans on pets or restrictions on certain breeds and weights.
  • Insurance Requirements – policies the corp has in place, and requirements for new purchasers to have.

How Order a Status Certificate

A seller can request a status certificate by contacting the buildings property manager.  The management company will have 10 business days to prepare and can deliver it in either hard copy or in digital via email. 

How Much is a Status Certificate

The certificate will cost $100 + HST and can be paid by either the buyer or seller, depending on how a deal is structured.

Why You Must Request a Status Certificate

Sellers – I often suggest ordering one before you even go to market with your property.  As a seller, you have a duty and responsibility to disclose any and all details that could impact the sale of your condo.  By ordering a status in advance, you’ll be made well aware any potential pitfalls and can disclose these issues to potential purchasers ahead of time to avoid any issues with closing.

Buyers – In a condo, values are closely tied to how well the building is run (second to location of course).  If fees skyrocket, you may find that the buildings value will appreciate much slower (or actually depreciate) than a building with lower maintenance fees.  A building with known problems can also have an impact on financing and insurance resulting in higher monthly costs – knowing this in advance can allow you to negotiate a better price, or walk away from the deal all together!

Who Reviews the Status Certificate

It is crucial, you take it to a Real Estate Lawyer who has experience in condo dealings.  They are trained in knowing what to look for and the right questions to ask. DO NOT take it to general law firm, or rely solely on a realtors review of it!

How Long Do you Have to Review a Status Certificate 

Most clauses generally allow 2-3 days for lawyer review.  It’s a small window of time, so it’s best have a candid conversation with your lawyer in advance and tell them exactly how you plan on using the property. 

A common misstep is with buyers who spends months out of country.  If their plan is to rent it on AirBnB while away, it’s best to make sure there aren’t any rules or bylaws preventing you from doing so!

Remember, a Status Certificate is generally valid for only 90 days – so if a seller produces a Status dated older than 90 days, ensure you request a new one.

When Should You Walk Away From Purchasing a Condo

No matter how in love you’ve fallen with your new purchase – there are a number of reasons you may want to walk once the status certificate is reviewed: 

  • If the corporation has a low reserve fund – with no plans of replenishing
  • Lawsuits that could result in a loss to the building
  • Indications of an increase to monthly fees or large repairs
  • Being blacklisted from lenders or insurance companies

Accompanying Documents That Also Come With a Status Certificate

Other important documents that accompany the status include:
  • The Declaration
  • Bylaws
  • Rules and Regulations,
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Current Budget
  • Reserve Fund Study
  • Management Agreements
  • Financial Statements
  • New Owner Information
  • Move-in and Out forms
  • Other Building forms


What Are they Building at 529-543 Marlee Ave? 819 Glencairn Ave.

By New Condo Developments
More changes are coming to Marlee Ave! An application has been submitted by KFA Architects and Planners on behalf of 809726 Ontario Ltd to build a 9 storey, residential condo on the corner of Marlee and Glencairn.

Where Will the Condo be Built?

The lot is located on the North East corner of Marlee and Glencairn. The application was submitted to re-develop the addresses known as 529, 537, 539, 541 and 543 Marlee Avenue as well as 811 and 813 Glencairn Ave. For application purposes, the building is referred to 819 Glencarin Ave – but that name may change as the approval process progresses.

What is Currently on Site?

The lot is occupied by a three strorey mixed use building with commercial uses at grade and walk-up apartments above. 
Sidenote: we know this corner very well, as we’ve had many dinners at Li Cheng’s!

How Many Units Will be Built?

The current application calls for 84 residential units with retail at grade. The retail space can be divided into a variety of options, from 1 large unit to 6 smaller ones.

What Type of Layouts Will 819 Glencarin Ave Have?

The current proposal is calling for:
28 one bedroom units
24 one bedroom and den units
28 two bedroom units
2 two bedroom and den units
2 three bedroom units

What Will The Project Look Like?

What Amenities Will the Building Have?

Plans are calling for a gym and party room along with a shared outdoor balcony.

Will the Condo have Parking?

Three levels of underground parking will be included in the design, along with 79 parking space with two spaces for commercial use and eight for visitors. They will also have bicycle parking off of the main level.

When Will 819 Glencairn Ave Be Built?

Plans were submitted to the city in September 2017 and the first community consultation meeting was in January 2018.  There was a lot of community push back and a many changes suggested to the overall project.  As more info is known, we’ll update the blog!

Our Thoughts on the Project

Marlee Ave is ripe for development – it has the vibe, feel and potential to become “The Ossington” of midtown! This application is the second of the year for the strip (first being a series of stacked townhomes at Wenderly Ave), and atleast to us, a welcomed addition to the area.  

In January 2018, we attended the community consultation and unfortunately many in the room didn’t share the same enthusiasm for the project as we did!  There was a small handful of the usuals who flat out wanted no changes whatsoever.  BUT there was also a larger group that were open to redevelopment, so long the height was brought down.  

Personally, we think 9 storeys is perfect for the area! A short walk south on Marlee is where you’ll find several condos, built in the 70’s, with heights of over 20 storeys tall. We also like the use of red brick for the exterior, helps set it apart from yet another boring glass building.  

From the sounds of it, it looks like the architects will be going back to the drawing board to makes changes to the proposal. Be sure to check back as we’ll be providing updates as more is known!